Thursday, March 24, 2016

Athens County Republican Party Chairman / Doesn't know if he's support Republican presidential nominee?

I am utterly amazed at Pete Couladis’ comments. 
This is the Chairman of the Athens county Republican Party and “he doesn’t know” what he will do if the general election is between Trump and Clinton?
He doesn’t know?  What does that mean?  He doesn’t know if he will support his own party’s nominee?  The party that he’s the chairman of?
Athens County’s republican voters preferred Donald Trump over their own governor.  Pete says that the voters “aren’t paying close attention” and “they’re not thinking deeply”.  This is what he thinks of the majority of the voters in his Party’s primary election?  Yes, the party of which he’s Chairman.
Instead of being happy that total Athens County GOP voters increased 47% this year vs 2012, he wants to belittle their voting behaviors.  Does this mean he doesn’t want new GOP voters?  You know, voters that could potentially help win a county race or two.
Apparently, the voters are only allowed to vote for those that the party leaders want.  If the voters stray from the “preferred” candidates, they are, well, “not thinking deeply” and not “paying close attention” to what the party leaders are feeding them.
Doesn’t Pete have the basic political instincts to realize he is denigrating the majority of his voters when he calls Trump: “total disaster”, “an embarrassment”, “lousy”, “dictator”, “a bully”, “spoiled brat”?  One can intelligently assume that Pete is calling all the Trump voters in Athens county all the above.  Of course, one shouldn’t assume when not “thinking deeply”, after all.  Pete needs to take a lesson from the Democratic Party Chair John Haseley, who when asked the same questions, responded respectfully of Sanders and his supporters.  He probably realizes that there is no need to disengage energized voters.
And that gets me to this, the party “officials” don’t really trust “you” voters to pick your candidates.  If Trump secures a majority of convention delegates, but not a magic number of 1237, the party, not the voters who “aren’t paying close attention” anyway, will choose the nominee for you.
“Asked what he’d like to see happen, Couladis indicated he’s hoping for a brokered convention where another candidate is selected as the Republican nominee”, now that’s how to represent the majority of your party member’s desires!!  Work behind their back to ensure their vote doesn’t matter.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What business is this of "Homeland Security"?

New York police arrests men for fighting roosters.  Link here

How is this a "homeland security" issue?  Why are we letting the federal government get involved in local law enforcement?

The side hypocracy of these cases are, the roosters will be killed by the government after saying that letting them fight is mean.

It's about gambling and the fact that the government is not getting it's cut, AKA Lottery.

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Typical anti-gun hypocrisy

A Buffalo, N.Y. community activist who is well known locally for pushing for a highly restrictive 2013 gun control law has been arrested for — wait for it — carrying a gun illegally at a public elementary school.

Story here

Why would Washingtonn County need these?

Link to fawning "story" here

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Caring more about animals than people

I guess that's what we get when we live in a country that can kill 55,000,000 babies and few even say anything.

Here we have WTAP making a big deal out of the fact that a man had 16 dogs in his enclosed pick up truck.

They mention how the "Humane" "officer" took his dogs.  They agreed to let him have 4 of his dogs back IF he gets them spayed/neutered.  Isn't that gracious?  After he pays a "fee" for the "service" with a gun to his head.  The rest of them will end up euthanized....because we know that's better than spending the night in the back of a very large enclosed truck with their buddies.

What the story should have highlighted was the fact that the man's house burned down and he didn't have a place to live.  He went to spend the night with his sister in Parkersburg.  He didn't leave his dogs to roam on his property, he brought his dogs with him. 

No mention in the story if the man needed anything, how he was going to make it, know, your typical "human interest" story. Nope, we have to kick a man when he's down because his dogs are not spayed or neutered.

Pretty sad when the first thing the media can think of for a story in this situation is not about the man losing his house and belongings. 


P.S.  Merriam/Webster needs to add this description as an example:  Oxymoron = Humane Society

Another thing I'm seeing: this stupidity is concentrated around large concentrations of people, I.E. cities.  If this fellow was in our neck of the woods, or any rural area, I suspect, no one would have thought of calling the police because he had some dogs in his truck, that's normal!  This man would have been given donations of clothing and cash to help him out. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's official, the GOP is dead from a thousand (self inflicted) cuts

Here's the latest example that there is absolutely no difference between the two major political parties. 

The budget sequester actually held spending on some items to certain levels.  Now the GOP led the effort to cut the cuts.  In other words, increase spending.

We Give Up! Part 2: Republicans Cave On Budget, Debt Limit, Everything
So there really is no difference between the parties.  Of course, our so called Representative Bill Johnson voted for this massive spending increase.

Previous posts on Congressman Bill Johnson:

Another item that proves to me that the GOP is brain dead is the cuts to military retirements.  The one group that actually supports the GOP consistently and in large percentages!

This is a dumb idea not because it's a bad thing to cut spending.  However, this is a broken promise and these folks have already served and were told this is what the pay would be .  If you want to make a change like this, do it with people that are enlisting today, so they will know what to expect in the future, then they can have good information for their decision.  Making this type of cut after folks are getting ready to retire or are actually already retired is wrong.

Cutting 1% of a person's retirement is huge.  It depends on how long you are retired as to the amount of loss.  30 years = 30%

Of course this is based on a retirement who's cost of living adjustments are based on the government's reported inflation numbers.....which are a lie.

So now, with the help of Congressman Bill Johnson, we have cut their already promised retirement pay and on the other end, use fraudulent inflation numbers to keep cost of living increased below the real inflation rate, another cut.

But we can now increase spending on other vote buying schemes on the back of military retirees.

So now do you understand when I say the GOP is brain dead?  They cut retirement funding for one group of their strongest supporters so the democrats can increase spending for their government leaches / parasites groups.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Do Ohio Republicans in Columbus have a brain? A pulse?

What are they thinking?

1. Kasich, wants to be Obama's boy in Ohio and expand Medicaid.

2. The Republican General Assembly said NO.  (Many, at the time, were proud of them....standing up to the liberals and the GOP liberal in the Governor's mansion.)

3. The two leaders of the General Assembly from the house and senate, work with Kasich to pass this expansion through some little board.

So, either the two leaders do not care about keeping their jobs (maybe term limited???) by totally disregarding what their caucuses want.....or the GOP reps and senators gave them a wink/nod and told them to do it, since they have their token opposition to this massive government expansion noted during the budget process.  Can tell the conservative voters back home that the were against this expansion, yet letting it happen at the same time.

$2,000,000,000,000 per year of "FREE" money (tax money) from the federal government for 3 years, then 90% after that, then we all know what happens after that, it's up to the state to fund, less roads maintained, less public parks maintained, etc, etc.  They'll never be able or willing to remove this funding once it's in place.

The GOP always does this.  They are in power too long, get arrogant, disregard the will of their voters, make their voters mad, voters stay home, dems win governor race and house.

This has happened before.  How stupid are they?

One link to many stories on this.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is there anything the feds don't want involved in?

The US Senate is considering to outlaw theft of copper.  Um, it's already illegal to steal in all 50 states.  Why do we need a federal law? 

It's not just obama, it's both parties that are involved in the federal government overreach in multiple areas.

The need to "do something" once in Washington must be overwhelming.  How about doing nothing? We don't want or need any more of your "help".

Monday, June 3, 2013

Meigs County Sheriff's office did about all they could to blow this one


Read more: Pomeroy Daily Sentinel - Standoff near Chester concludes 

I'm pretty sure too much testosterone was flowing for any thinking to go on in this situation.

Especially after the SO escalated this unnecessarily.

It's hard to back off after the cameras arrive.

This 80 something held off 3 or 4 county Sheriff's offices for 24 hours?

Not sure we'll ever get the entire story, but one version is that this individual verbally threatened a deputy.

However, the deputy was able to retreat and call for help.

And help did he get, the Calvary arrived then, of course, you have to have a "battle".

An 80 year old man, in his own house, ALONE, with an old shot gun.  Where's Andy Taylor when you need him?  Just back off and nab him the next he heads down the road.

These types of incidents bring up the "police looking for a fight" comments.

Then the Sheriff posts on his Facebook site: “After a long battle, the standoff is finally over! We have the male in custody. Nobody was hurt in this incident. We want to thank everyone that was involved!”

Battle?  Is that what they call surrounding an 80 year old man with an old shotgun and no shots having been fired?  Or are they predisposed for battle?
At least they didn't burn his house down with him in it...........however, they made an attempt by inserting tear gas, which is known to want to burn easily.

Sort of scary.  Not too impressed with Meigs County's new Sheriff so far.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Some thoughts on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave their lives serving this country.

The meaninng seems to get lost (at least this section of the state) in that it's turned into a rememberance day for all dead friends and relatives.  All good to do, of course, but the intent of Memorial Day is to remember a solder, sailor, airman, marine who lost their life in duty to their country.

If you don't have a relative that meets this criteria, there are many forgotten graves in the country side that have such men in them.  Adopt one of these graves, keep the headstone repaired or at least level, so it won't fall over.  Mow the grave once in awhile, if the township doesn't own the cemetery.

It's a real shame when you visit a cemetery and see a pile of headstones thrown over the hill.  Untended/maintained headstones fall over, get hit by mowers, etc.  Then the grave location is lost and before you know it, the headstone is gone.

A little care, even once a year, to ensure the headstone is in good shape, level and won't fall over makes the senerio in teh above paragraphs less likely.

The other issue is that we have too many dead service mean due to un-needed wars.

Civil War should never have happened.  The hypocracy of this war is unbelievable.  600,000 dead soldiers.  If the war was about southen states attempting to succeed (which Lincoln said he had no desire to free the slaves and his emancipation proclomation only affected slaves in the north) why did Lincoln allow the north western portion of Virginia to succeed for Virginia and become West Virginia?

This war was about establishing (once and for all) the supremacy of the federal government over the States. 

Spanish/American War:  not needed
WWI: not needed, if we would have kept our noses out of it, and let Germany and England/France fight it out and end up with a comprimise that did not put Germany on the path to Socialism and Hitler.
WWII: See above.  Though one has to wonder how much Churchhill and Roosevelt really wanted a avoid the war.  Especially when Rodulf Hess flew to England with a peace propsal from Germany, but was immediately put in prison for life.  He eventrually "committed suicide".
Here was his propsal:
a) Withdrawal of all German Troops from Poland, Belgium, France & Holland.
b) Reimbursement for war damage to those countries
c) Total German disarmament
d) Destruction of all German war weaponry.

Korean War:  Um, it's Korea, how was/is this a concern of the US?  Fighting Communism would not have been needed if WWI wouldn't have happened.  Germany would have still been a force to counterbalance Communism in Europe, then the spread of Communism would not have had a free hand to spread.
Vietnam War:  See above and change Korea to Vietnam.
Persian Gulf War: Obviously about oil and the dollar and how the oil trade is conducted exclusively via the dollar.  If it was about Saddam, they would have went and got him.

Many, Many men have died fighting for this country in stupid, stupid wars.  Very sad.

One more thing.  I think this is the only thing I can remember agreeing with Obama on.  He did not cave to the war mongers in the GOP, the press or his own party to get involved in Syria.  We don't need to be there and it's none of our business.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some good news in the internet tax scheme

House Speaker Boehner unlikely to support Internet sales tax bill

 This is good news.

 Too bad Rob Portman voted for this tax raising bill.  Which probably means that Bill Johnson will vote for it.

 How in the world can we say that states "loose 24 billion a year" by not collecting this tax.  They never lost it, they never had it to begin with.  If this isn't government think, I don't know what is.

 The reall story is, if this passes, $24,000,000,000 will move from citizens to the government.  That's really not lost, it's just in our pockets and the states want it, including Ohio.

 Our tax and spend Ohio GOP Governors try to act like democrats when in office.

Voinovich (soda pop isn't food, so we'll tax it) and Taft and Kasich (lets tax our newly found natural gas out of business), all increased taxes.

 Can't blame the democrats on this as they had only a 2 year window with a majority in the house in the past 20 or so years.  Strickland was the only democrat sandwiched between Taft and Kasich and that was only for 4 years.

Is it any wonder why Ohio is rated as the 47th least business friendly state in the Union?        

Counterfeiter Stivers at it again

Republican Representative Steve Stivers is at it again.

Now he wants to make all of our coins out of STEEL!  Unbelievable.

Money is supposed to be worth something.

If it costs more money to make money, there is a problem.  It's called government spending and creating inflation.

Money should be made of something valuable.....unlike the "full faith and credit of the United States"....which, of course is a joke.

I'll take gold, silver, copper and nickel any day over just words.

Story here

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Redundant statements must be "news" now.

Public schools don't like vouchers.  Athens News article here.  Of course they don't want competition, it's a government.

I like how they use the phrase "public money".  Like money grows on a "public" tree and only government can have it.

It comes from taxpayers' hard work..............then it's confiscated by the government.  However, there is no such thing as "public money".

Obama supports the bill in Congress to allow states to collect sales tax on internet sales.   Of course he does.  This is not news.

There are quite a few Republicans that like this idea as well.  I'll be surprised if Representative Bill Johnson doesn't vote for this.  Not impressed with him at all.

I love it when they say that Ohio "loses"  $$$$$s due to not being able to collect sales tax on items purchase and shipped from out of state.  How can they "loose" it if they never had it?

The reason that it's not fair for in state stores to compete with out of state stores doesn't fly either.  The shipping costs usually are equal to or greater than the sales tax one would have to pay in state to begin with.  So, it's really a level playing field.

Our so called government will never stop attaching leaches to us until we are dried up prunes.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another argument I've got with Kasich

I guess this is all one has to say:

"COLUMBUS — Republicans on Thursday ratified Gov. John Kasich’s plan to quadruple Ohio Turnpike debt......."

We are going to borrow money now against future tolls on the Ohio Turnpike.

Why?  To get matching money from the funny money feds...........when we already have this money in the "rainy day fund".  Why mortgage the future when you can pay as you go?

The Ohio Republican Party is making the democrats look like fiscal conservatives.  I'm really believing that they have completely lost touch with reality.

It's not just the federal government that is having a mill stone of debt around our kid's necks, it's also the majority Republicans in Ohio.  Yes, the same ORP that decries Obama's federal debt and deficits.  They are not really serious about cutting spending, just gaining points when the democrats are the ones spending.

I'm so sick of every primary/election cycle hearing the GOP/ORP saying  one or all of the following:

  • "vote for us, we want to spend slightly less than the democrats"
  • "vote for us, we are less liberal than the nasty democats"
  • "vote for us, we aren't for gay mariage....yet"
  • etc, etc..